Lakeview Farms

Our Staff At Lakeview Farms

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Steven Steven is also currently employed by Commerce Bank in their underwriting business unit.
MaggieC  Maggie is a serious figure skater with Olympic caliber coaching.  She's also a sister to Emma & Grace (see below).  Maggie is a National Honor Society member.  Maggie is currently attending the University of Missouri, Columbia.
Emma Emma is also a serious figure skating in the spring along with Maggie.  She enjoys playing the violin, baking, cooking, and working in her home garden.  Emma is also a National Honor Society member.  Emma is currently attending the University of Missouri, Columbia.
Grace Grace is involved with volleyball in the fall.  She also enjoys playing the guitar and cooking.  Grace was in the FZ home coming queen court in fall 2016.  Grace is currently attending U. Mo. St. Louis
Michael H

Michael plays baseball,  the saxophone and is also a member of the FZ drama club.  Michael is also a member of the FZ Track Team and  an avid boy scout.  Other than that, he's not too busy.
Suzie Suzie enjoys horseback riding and playing piano.  Suzie is currently involved in a local robotics team that qualified for the Mid West Regional in Chicago and World Championship in Houston.

Bela  Bela plays basketball & soccer,   volunteers at local nursing homes, and enjoys School Choir, photography, and outdoor activities like camping.
Tony B Tony enjoys baseball, photography, and working on his Grandpa's farm.  Tony's older brother, Richard, worked at Lakeview Farms from 2013 to 2016.
JordanJ Jordan enjoys baseball and plays center field for Fort Zumwalt North high's freshman team.
Cole D Cole likes to play guitar, take CAD computer classes at Inventors Forge, fly remote controlled planes, and mow lawns in the summer.
Rhiannon Rhiannon enjoys Fencing, art, music, gardening, volleyball, swimming, and sewing.
Madison Madi's activities range from synchronized skating, positive peer influence, national junior honor society, jump rope, and reading.

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